Top 5 Things To Do In Henderson Nevada

Henderson is the second largest city in Nevada after the famed Las Vegas. The city has a laid-back feel, as oppose to the fast paced action filled, Las Vegas; however, it still retains a distinct appeal to residents and travelers alike.

Here’s a list of the top five things to do in Henderson.

Clark County Museum

You are welcome to learn more about the history of Nevada and US as a whole at the Clark County Museum. Set on a whopping 30 acres of land at the southern edge of the city, the museum is home to a huge collection of exhibits that showcase the area’s history. Visitors will find historical homes and chapels, characteristic of early settlements in the area.

Other must-see exhibits in the museum include some rusty old locomotives that offer an in-depth view of the historic American railroad system.

Walking, Biking And Hiking

The city of Henderson is rated as the best city to walk around in for exercise in the region. Henderson is home to around 80 miles of walking, hiking and biking trails. The neighborhood trails are rated as the easiest to conquer; they are paved for easy walking.

Mountain trails on the other hand present a stiffer challenge. They are great for hiking expeditions as well as mountain biking and horse riding. You can take this opportunity to take in the splendid views of the sprawling hillsides, and refreshing environment.

Barley’s Casino And Brewing Company

The first and original brewing company in the valley is Barley’s Casino And Brewing Company. Beer enthusiasts interested in enjoying the best beer in the region must include a stop to this brewery on their schedule. Here you will find a variety of brews all designed to give you the best experience.


Since you are still in the gambling capital of the world, you will have some options to indulge. Carrying on with the laid back nature of Henderson, you will find that Station Casinos are a hit in this part of the state as opposed to the glitzy Las Vegas Strip alternatives. One of the most popular casinos for locals is the Sunset Casino.

Have Some Fun In The Water

Henderson is home to some top rated lakes and water parks. Lake Las Vegas and Lake Mead provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy a cool time in the water, away from the desert heat. Cowabunga is home to a huge water park covering 23 acres of land.

The above list of things to do is bound to make your time in Henderson a lot of fun.